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Estate and Trust Administration and Probate

White & McCarthy clients who benefit from our estate and trust administration and probate services find themselves needing legal assistance when:

  • They are named as executor or trustee
  • They are unable to find a will to distribute the property
  • The courts refuse to probate a will
  • Bill collectors are demanding payment
  • They were intending to inherit property not distributed to them  
  • The executor or trustee died or became incapacitated before their administration was complete

In any of these situations, the attorneys at White & McCarthy can help. Our attorneys will review an Estate Administration questionnaire (pdf) with clients as part of an initial consultation.

With extensive experience in administering probate estates, wills, and trusts without unnecessary court involvement, we can assist you with:

  • Administration of probate and non-probate estates
  • Beneficiaries’ rights
  • Surviving spouse’s rights
  • Service as executor, trustee, administrator, or power of attorney
  • Family agreements on interpretation of wills and trusts

We know that some situations require a court’s involvement and a judge’s ruling. We can help you with these solutions, including:

  • Will contests
  • Partition of jointly held real estate
  • Reformation and decanting of trust agreements
  • Substitution or removal of executors, trustees, conservators, and powers of attorney
  • Aid & Guidance suits to settle estate and trust administration issues
  • Compelling creditors to reduce their claims

Our attorneys firmly believe that most inheritance disputes should be resolved within the family. We work to find constructive, practical and lasting resolutions to those disputes. Unfortunately, sometimes court action is unavoidable. The attorneys at White & McCarthy represent beneficiaries, executors, and trustees who need to have the courts interpret and enforce wills and trusts. The family or the court may decide to have a professional administer a will or trust; in those situations, our attorneys are available to serve as executor or trustee.

White & McCarthy attorneys also have extensive experience in cases involving impaired and incapacitated heirs and beneficiaries:

  • The family may set up trusts or other protective devices to prevent financial abuse and exploitation.
  • Vulnerable adults may become the victim of financial abuse or exploitation by a stranger, neighbor, caregiver, family member or an executor, trustee or power of attorney.

In either case, the attorneys of White & McCarthy will work with the family, victim and courts to block further inappropriate action, undo improper investments and pursue recovery of stolen or misappropriated property.

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